About Heather


My name is Heather.

I am a recent graduate of Miami University with a degree in Theatre and a focus in Performance, Shakespeare, and Directing and a Minor in Arts Management.

In 2008 I graduated from the School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) after completing nine years (from grade 4 to 12) majoring in everything from vocal & instrumental music to drama. Finally, in my sophomore year I picked Drama as my main focus and finished High School as the president of SCPA’s Thespian Troupe and secretary of the elite Drama Ensemble.

My hobbies include acting, a deep obsession with Harry Potter, and crafting. I also really enjoy music; Listening, singing, writing, and watching others perform. I’m into all sorts of genres and really enjoy a good concert!

I plan on being moderately well-known one day.

I have an odd sense of humor.

In the past few years I have had some outstanding experiences that really taught me about life, my future, and growing up.
Although the reality of the real world hasn’t completely set in, I think it is important to keep these years the best of my life and use them to better myself. That’s why I’ve started this blog. So that people like you can learn and grow with me.

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