PiYoManiac: A Story of Hulking-Out

This is a post about what happened to me when I discovered She-Hulk at the same time as discovering PiYo.


First, here is a little of my fitness/health/and nerdiness background:
I’ve been overweight and my weight has fluctuated since I can remember. There were times growing up where I was in better shape than others simply based on who I was with/what I was into at the time. Friends would tell me things like “You’re pretty for a bigger girl” and “Your best feature is your eyes” and I just accepted what they were saying. I became that bigger girl and I remained too comfortable in her skin.
My weight-loss goals were always moderately aimless. I wanted to lose weight but I had nothing specific attached to those goals. Since I’ve always been bigger, being “skinny” never seemed like an option – it seemed like some unreachable mystical thing that I didn’t seem like an option for me (and let me clarify, I never wanted to be skinny – I still don’t – I’m proud of my curves). My goal was simply to weigh less because I didn’t like the number I was seeing on the scale. I never had the best eating habits and I didn’t even realize how awful they were. Without changing my eating habits I was doing the bare minimum to reach my goals.
When it comes to comic books, I was always a superhero nerd but I was never into comics until recently (with a few exceptions). I am obsessed with ALL of the Batman movies, I could watch THOR every day until I die, the Avengers are my homeboys, and Wonder Woman is my side chick. I was intrigued buy the comic book world but it is just so vast and specific that I was afraid to get involved. That said, superheroes were something I could (and can) forever stand behind.

Now lets move to mid-summer 2014 when my life began to change unexpectedly:
Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 8.14.51 PMI was babysitting one evening and I noticed a book called “Marvel The Avengers: The Ultimate Character Guide.” I began to page through, looking at all the characters inside – many I knew but there were also a lot I didn’t recognize. The guide gave stats for all the superheroes such their power and ability level and also included their height and weight. As “the bigger girl,” my curiosity led me to I look at every single female superhero in the book to see if there was one I could remotely compare myself to. Most were 5’5” and 120lbs or smaller, tiny sexy outfits you know, the usual. But I came across this one that shocked me a bit. Oh, there’s one here who weighs what? 650lbs? Huh? And in her picture she is wearing a blazer?! AND SHE IS GREEN which is my favorite color (- and if you didn’t know that already we clearly aren’t friends). I read further to find all I could about this She-Hulk, who, in her human form, is Jennifer Walters. She seemed amazing: A lawyer, a total badass, and she could crush a mans head with her thighs. Who wouldn’t want to be that?! I immediately became obsessed.

To my luck and pleasant surprise, it turned out a recent She-Hulk comic book series had just been released in April. I wasn’t far behind so I started to read it and I fell in love straight away. Jennifer Walters is this feisty, hilarious, independent woman who simply sees what she wants and works extremely hard to get it. By kicking ass and taking names. She was someone I could get behind.


Around the same time of first finding She-Hulk in that book, a friend approached me about this program called PiYo. I had recently lost about 20lbs by training myself to run but I felt like I had hit a plateau. I was looking for something more. I needed core strength and flexibility but I didn’t have the motivation to go for it on my own at the gym. When I found out that PiYo would help me with those things I said YES and signed up.

About the same time that I started catching up on the She-Hulk comics, I had just received my PiYo Dvds in the mail. I was excited and honestly had no idea what to expect with the workouts. I was curious to see how far I could push myself and I used Jennifer Walters as a role model throughout the process.piyo_coo_300x250

I’ve already done a post about Chalene Johnson, the celebrity trainer of the PiYo videos. At first I wasn’t sure what to think of her but I am a huge fan now. I love how she pushes you while making sure you are grateful and smiling and enjoying yourself at the same time. Chalene inspired me and made it easier to get through the workouts. Her motivation coupled with the fact that I pretended I was training to take out DOOM! made me thrive.

A few weeks into the workouts I was riding the subway, standing and holding on to the bar above my head for balance. I saw a reflection of my arm in the window and I had to do a double take. As the subway rocked back and forth I noticed these defined muscles in my arm working and rocking along with the train. Defined muscle … in MY arm? No way! But it was.


And I was getting stronger. I could feel it at work when I had to carry many plates at once or bring ice buckets to the soda machine. All these people started telling me how great I looked and I was getting compliments on my muscles. It was bonkers.

Once I started getting results from PiYo, everything became easier. My cardio workouts got easier – I was able to run longer and

New York Comic Con Oct. 2014 - Punk Rock Captain Marvel and She-Hulk

New York Comic Con Oct. 2014 – Punk Rock Captain Marvel and She-Hulk

faster. I gained strength in all parts of my body and defined muscles I never thought I would have – sexy triceps and toned hamstrings, what? I felt more comfortable not only in my clothes but in my own skin. I began carrying myself differently. There was an air of confidence surrounding me that I hadn’t quite felt before. Reading the She-Hulk comics made me feel like I could do anything! PiYo gave me that same feeling. From June to September I blossomed into someone I really liked. I like this confident girl. I like feeling like I can do anything. I’m going to stick with her because she is strong and witty and independent and doesn’t quite care as much about what others think anymore.

I’m honestly still trying to wrap my head around the changes I am going through. I pass by a window and see my reflection and think “wait that’s me?” Or I go to pick up something heavy and it’s not that hard. Or I go to out to a bar and I can actually talk to strangers without worrying to much what they think – I shock myself. But it’s an amazing change. I’m so greateful and happy I discovered PiYo and She-Hulk together.


June 2014 / December 2014

Finding She-Hulk and PiYo together gave me real goals to work toward. I began fueling my body correctly. I found that I actually enjoy doing workouts that push me. I truly discovered how strong I want to be. How strong I can be. How strong I am already.

I became a Beachbody coach because I love how PiYo made me feel. I suddenly realized that I really could do anything I put my mind to – I have the strength of She-Hulk and I’m not afraid to show it. I want to give people the same feeling.

If you are in a slump or think you can’t break through that plateau these are the types of programs that will get you results! If you’ve ever felt alone, if you’ve ever lost belief in yourself, or even if you are already bettering yourself and just need a tiny extra push – I run accountability groups on Facebook full of the most amazing and supportive people who will lift you up and prove that you CAN accomplish your dreams. That’s how I got where I am today and that is how you can get to where you want to be tomorrow. And if you know anyone who may need the help, send them my way!

If you like to help people, this could be a tremendous opportunity for you too! If you are at all interested in what I do as a coach, please let me know and I would be happy to share. Message me on Facebook, email me at heatbodd@gmail.com, or comment below.


She-Hulk is a go-getter. She fights for what she wants and doesn’t back down from a challenge. Chalene pushes you. She makes you work hard and go further than you ever thought you could before. I want to help you, I want to push you, and I will fight for you to get what you want as well. Thank you Jennifer Walters and Chalene Johnson for guiding me toward the path of fully loving myself, loving how I look, and loving what I do. And I am not willing to stop any time soon… I will accomplish my dreams.