An Abundance of Chalene Johnson

This chick named Chalene Johnson is totally stalking me! Okay, technically I just happen to be seeing her everywhere right now but that’s my own choice! Let me explain.

Chalene Johnson is a motivational speaker/fitness celebrity who has created tons of both self-help and fitness programs for people who are struggling. She is the mama of PiYo, a fitness program that combines Pilates and Yoga to give you strength and flexibility, a program I became obsessed with and have seen incredible results from!

[Sidenote: I will write more about my obsession with PiYo in another blog entry coming SOON!]

She is everywhere to me (when I close my eyes she’s all I seeee*) because along with doing the PiYo workouts, I am also doing her free 30 Day Push Challenge! I highly recommend this program because it is a tool used to get your life in order and organize your goals. She sends you a short video every day for 30 days with advice, homework, tips, and tools on how to achieve your goals. So, I see her face when I work out and now I see her face every morning when I wake up and complete these videos. If you want to join just go to to get started.
I also follow her on Facebook and Twitter, listen to her podcasts, and a few weeks ago she was on Live with Kelly and Michael promoting a healthy new year! She did some pretty awesome moves. You can watch the video here.


She is accomplishing great things and is absolutely inspiring me every day. The funny thing is, I didn’t think I would like this lady so much when I first started with the PiYo workouts. She’s peppy and optimistic but she’s also a realist which is a true motivator! She always asks us to “smile and be grateful” which is something we can forget to do in our hectic daily lives. I’m happy there is an abundance of Chalene in my life right now. She has taught me that success doesn’t come to those who wait for it. It comes to those who work really hard to accomplish their goals.

So what are you waiting for? Have an abundance of Chalene (or find your equivalent) and go accomplish your goals. To steal her words: DREAM BIG. Because you’re worth it.

If you are interested in PiYo or any of the above mentioned programs, please reach out to me! They really have changed my life 🙂