Three Haikus and The Imitation Game

Wednesday night I had the honor of seeing The Imitation Game with a talk-back from the director Morten Tyldum and some of the amazing cast: Matthew Beard, Allen Leech, and Alex Lawther.

First of all, if you don’t know who Alan Turing is, drop everything and research him. I had no idea before seeing this movie which is crazy because he is so important and had such a tragic end. Also, if you haven’t seen this movie, it is a MUST. It was brilliantly performed and directed and will make you laugh and cry and will also make you very angry. This is something the actors spoke about a lot in the talk-back; The largest emotion that comes up when thinking about the life of Alan Turing is anger. Anger because a man who WON the war for his country was ultimately driven to death by the same government for being gay. It’s devastating. Seeing the passion behind the artists was simply inspiring and I am so grateful they made this film and are telling Alan Turing’s story.

Now, almost completely unrelated, I have written three haikus inspired by conversation I had prior to the screening:

1. My smile faded,
He leaned over to kiss me
with a nut in mouth.

2. This might get awkward
Pretend this never happend
And oops there he is

3. Benedict will come
Wait a minute count the chairs
Oh, wait, never mind.