We Woke Up Flawless

This amazing video has since been banned from YouTube due to copyright infringement. Please still read about how awesome we are even though we didn’t have the rights to the music!


This past Saturday I had a fun-filled day shooting with Jasmine, Liz, and Doug! We woke up like Dis  with a parody of Beyoncé’s song “Flawless.”

Jasmine had the inspiration to do this video because of Beyoncé’s obsession with being “fierce.” She says, “The first time I heard it I was just like, ‘C’mon Beyonce.’ You know, I had to parody it.” So, we did!

I absolutely love collaborating. On “set”, which was mostly our apartment, there was a positive and receptive atmosphere. Even though the sketch was written, directed, and shot by Jasmine, we were all able to bring our own ideas to the table. We tried so many different takes. One of my favorite things about the shoot is that the shots were completely improvised. Each pre-written scene was well thought out but we just jumped in and winged it! Also, several of the locations were spur-of-the-moment decisions. If someone had an idea they just said “Let’s shoot here! Yes! Who cares if we use it in the final cut!”
Speaking of the final cut, we shot so many more scenes than were actually in the sketch! We had to keep it simple so Jasmine edited the best scenes that would get the point across. Missing scenes include: Jasmine hanging off a train platform, Liz doing a strip tease on the train, and me being a nerd waking up in a book.

I am very glad to be working with the sketch group The Roaring 20′s! Like them on facebook. Follow them on twitter. I’m sure I’ll be working with them in the future.

The final product is hopefully hilarious. Please watch and enjoy!

*** The video has since been banned from YouTube for copyright infringement. We did not have the rights to the song