My October!

Oops! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this thing… I have lots of ideas for posts and several drafts in progress but I figure the most efficient way to catch you up is to give a summary of my wonderful month of October! As some of you know, October is my favorite month; The changing leaves, the beautiful weather, Pumpkin and Apple EVERYTHING, my birthday, HALLOWEEN, and all the fun that comes along with it! This October was made especially wonderful by all the amazing people I have surrounded myself with since coming to this city! Here is a re-cap of my lovely October ❤

I will start with my book of the month: The Cuckoo’s Calling by JK Rowling (pinned under Robert Galbraith). I don’t want to write a book review, so I won’t, but can I just say I FREAKING LOVED IT. It’s a nearly 500 page crime novel that is so unlike anything I had ever read, it’s the fastest I have ever read a book (HP as an exception).  I even found some Harry Potter parallels that I absolutely love! I don’t understand how this woman has so much talent; JK is and always will be my inspiration! She was turned down from at least 9 publishers before Harry Potter was picked up and for that I will also never give up. Read Cuckoo’s Calling guys… it will change your life.

At the beginning of October I got new glasses! It’s not totally important or life changing in any way but new stuff is FUN and they are SUPER CUTE OKAY?

On October 4 the little boy I was a nanny for from March-August turned one! I had Zev since he was 4 months old and he is definitely the baby I have bonded with the most in my nanny career. He is an amazing kid who I love as my own and I was so excited when his parents invited me to his FIRST Birthday Party! It was a great time and I am thankful to have worked for such an amazing family!

On October 8 I went to the CBGB Movie Premiere! I didn’t get to see the movie that night, I just creeped on the red carpet events that were happening. Rupert Grint couldn’t make it because he is currently on stage in London. I didn’t get to really see any famous people because it was crowded, however, I missed meeting Ashley Greene by a few minutes! It was pretty neat but to tell you all the truth Red Carpet events are very underwhelming. I guess I was expecting it to be a bit more glamorous? Who knows. I had fun nonetheless and I am certainly glad I went.

My Birthday is October 11! I won’t go through the day in extraneous detail but I will say that I had a really freaking awesome birthday! At Midnight Jasmine, my roommate/best friend came bursting in my room singing and jumping on my bed. She gave me a very “Jasminesque” gift of coupons to cash in when she is not behaving how I want her to! She put little tiny images of Rupert all over the apartment – which I am never taking down btw – and I am still finding Rupert’s face in random places to this day (on my peanut butter, in a box of tampons, inside a jar of Candy Corn, under my shampoo bottle, etc.).
Anyway for my birthday I went to the gym, got a free drink from Starbucks, got INDIAN FOOD at Panna II and they played me a crazy birthday song and brought me dessert (this is the place with all the Christmas lights), went to see CBGB (so disappointing but I still liked it), met up with friends for dinner at a lovely Mexican restaurant called La Camelia where there were real flowers as the centerpiece! Not only did La Camelia serve me a milky happy birthday slice of cake, they also brought out a shot for everyone at the table and a man sang me an operatic version of Happy Birthday! It was beautiful! After dinner half of my dinner guests came with me to a Haunted House called Blood Manor. The line was long, although filled with great entertainment. One of the line actors was so adorable I wanted to take it home with me – it was supposed to be a scary, bloody, psych ward escapee but I just thought it was too cute. Blood Manor itself was pretty scary, everyone made me go first which means I probably got the best experience of all. It was NOTHING compared to Dent Schoolhouse though (the Haunted House in Cincinnati where I worked for a year).
After Blood Manor my friend Grace and I found a swanky little bar and drank fancy Martinis and reminisced. It was a great way to end the night! The bartender was friendly and made us his favorite drink – a blood and sand martini, named after a movie. He also gave us free birthday cake shots! And with that my birthday “day” ended and I loved every minute of it!

The weekend after my birthday I went to visit my very good friend Amelia who is studying at Clemson University! I had such a great weekend down in South Carolina I don’t even know where to begin! So much good southern food – we ate at this place called Smokin’ Pig that had a 2 hour wait to get in! We waited and it was worth it to spend two hours catching up with Amelia and her boyfriend Zach! Plus once we got the food, I was in heaven! They had jalapeno cheese grits, loaded potato casserole, and some of the most delicious smoked chicken I’ve ever had. MMMmmm. We also did a corn maze in a full moon! It was so spooky! We got out just as the venue closed and wondered what would have happened if we hadn’t found our way out when we did… would they have left us in there??
Perhaps the most exciting thing about visiting Clemson when I did was the fact that there was a HUGE home game that weekend! I got to do some REAL tailgating and meet some crazy hardcore fans! It was so much fun!! ESPN was there for College Gameday and everyone was drinking all over even on campus! Everyone wore Orange and Purple to support the Clemson Tigers! I had never seen anything like it before – besides Green Beer Day in Oxford… but even then there isn’t a large central event like a game! Anyways, the football culture at Clemson was something I had never experienced and I loved every minute of it. Sadly, Clemson lost that game but the party continued as always! I am really glad I made that trip down, I miss Amelia and Zach already 😦

I had no plans weekend following my Clemson trip. I worked a lot that week. I was stressed out. I was tired. I had to work from 9am-7pm that Friday, October 25, and I was very grumpy about it. Jasmine wanted to go out that night. She said “come home and get ready here and then we can go out.” I said “Okay,” knowing that I could use a drink after this week. However, when I got home it wasn’t just Jasmine in my living room… lots of my friends were there I they yelled “Surprise!” I just stood there like… what? And then Jasmine said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” And I realized the surprise was for me! It wasn’t just a birthday party though, it was also a costume party so I had time to go change into my unicorn costume to process what was happening. It was very sweet, I never in a million years expected a surprise party! Nearly all of my closest NYC friends came and it just made me feel very special. We watched Halloween I and II and one or two of the Chucky movies, we ate delicious treats, had great conversation. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it! Thanks to everyone who came and especially Jasmine for putting it all together!

And Last, but certainly my most favorite event of October, HALLOWEEN! IT WAS GREAT. I dressed as Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time! I met Grace downtown for the Halloween parade and Oh my gosh was it CRAZY and crowded! But also, so much fun! We then traveled to the Bengals bar and met up with Lys and a friend to watch the Bengals game and have some good old Skyline chili! From there we went to another bar that was also playing the Bengals game and I made friends with some people dressed as Finn and Princess Bubblegum! It was a fun Halloween!!

It’s been an amazingly positive month for me… maybe because I spent so much of it celebrating myself… but I also realized how lucky I am to have all of these people in my life. Not only the people mentioned above but anybody who cares about me. I am SO BLESSED!!… and now that the hype of October is over – although I don’t want it to be – I can reflect and appreciate all that I have. Because I have A LOT and I thank my friends and family for being here for me.