Shows and Art and Culture and Stuff…

I could honestly start one of those sitcoms about how hilariously expensive it is to live in this city… And about how I somehow get by without starving while still maintaining a sense of humor. However, I feel like it would fall somewhere between Friends and Two Broke Girls, so for now I will stick to blog entries until I can come up with a more original sitcom idea. Or until life gets more interesting and my sit com can just magically be more unique.

YUCK. I can’t believe I just typed that! About life here not being interesting. Because that’s NOT true. Why do you think there ARE so many tv shows about young people living in New York City?! I blogged this picture on Tumblr today that really hit home with me:

When I saw it I was mindlessly perusing the internet, sitting at home in my apartment on a Friday night thinking, “ugh I am so bored.”
There was the picture. My heart sank into the pit of my stomach and I automatically started typing this blog entry. I don’t feel bad for “relaxing” on a Friday night… but I do feel bad for pretending like taking time for myself means that I am bored. Because this city is just so “go! go! go!” that however relaxing it is to sit back, when I’m standing still it always feel like I am missing something. And I think that is why this post meant so much to me.

But circling back to what I said before about being broke… most of those things I am worried about missing cost money so it can be hard to pick and choose what’s worth the money and what I can skip out on.
One thing I’ve missed out on since living in New York has been the insane amount of cultural and artistically stimulating venues in this city. Museums, Architecture, Theatre (BROADWAY), Concerts, etc. the list could go ON.
One reason I skip out is because these venues cost money and can be expensive (blah. excuse number one) and another reason is because it can be very difficult to make plans and take time to go enjoy  (blah. excuse number two). I’ve got more excuses but I’ll stop there.
Luckily, some of my friends have successfully pulled me out of my slump of excuses. Here is a list of places I’ve been and things I’ve done since January:

Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center.
Chaplain the Musical
Ed. Sheeran. at Radio City Music Hall [Actually I dragged myself here so SNAPS FOR ME!]
Harry Potter Exhibit. [AND MET THE PHELPS TWINS.]
Fashion Show [Finnish Fashion Invasion!]
Passion Pit. at Madison Square Garden.
Peter and the Starcatcher. [after it moved to Off-Broadway, still amazing]
MoMa. [Museum of Modern Art]
St. Patrick’s Day Parade
The Big Knife. [Broadway show starring Bobby Canavale, Richard Kind – who I see frequently, and Jasmine’s own friend Rachel Brosnahan]
Comedy Shows [out the wazoo]
MUSE at MSG [also by my own doing. Concerts, man]

Okay, I guess that’s a pretty hefty list. Phew, I feel much better now. Every single one of these events/places were so stimulating that it would be difficult to write about each in one post. All I have to say is that each experience has given me a deeper appreciation for where I live. The Center of the Universe. I live where things happen.
Sometimes it’s okay to sit on my butt in my bed, listening to One Republic’s new album while mindlessly scrolling through tumblr. Just knowing that this city has anything and everything to offer is enough for me.
I mostly did this post to reassure myself that I am not really bored. But I also did it to update my lovely friends and family as to what I’ve been up to the past few months! I’ve seen some pretty neat stuff and don’t plan on stopping any time soon 🙂