Not For the Faint of Heart: a Tirade on Body Image on the Internet

A good friend of mine shared some very true thoughts on body image today. I agree with nearly everything she says in this post and can add to it. Being skinny does not solve all of your problems. Yes, eating better and living a healthy lifestyle can make you happier and feel better but it’s not going to make rent any cheaper, men any better, or magically fill the void of loneliness in your life.
I will respond to this as an actress. The Hollywood image is unhealthy and there are many aspiring actresses who feel that, in order to kickstart their career, they have to be Hollywood skinny. Well, I am here to tell you girls that being skinny isn’t what is going to get you cast – Having CONFIDENCE and showing a PASSION for the work, THAT is what will get you cast. Be yourself and just stop caring so much about what people think.

– Heather