The Big Move to the Big Apple

This post is long overdue but if you enjoy adventure as much as I do, it’s worth a read. So here goes:

It has been a long journey but here I am my friends! I am living in NEW YORK CITY!
Or should I say, “looking for a place to live” in NYC! Because I am staying with my grandparents in Mahwah, NJ until I find a decently priced sublet and a well-paying job! It’s fine because Mahwah is just a 45 minute bus ride from the Port Authority Bus terminal in Times Square and then a short 20 minute (0.8mi) walk to the building where I nanny [and damn do my legs already look good]. I’ll give the nanny details later: First we will talk about the bumpy ride getting here.

It was probably foolish of me to leave when I did but I have no regrets about getting here. The week I booked my bus ticket I felt like I NEEDED to get out of Cincinnati but I still had no place to go in NY. So I called my Grandparents, explained the situation, and they agreed to let me stay with them until I found a place. Besides, it is nearly impossible to get a place without being able to look at it/meet someone anyway so I’m glad I’m here looking and not out in Cincinnati replying to Craigslist posts.

I booked my ticket Thursday, August 23rd, to leave at 10:15pm the next day. That put me in NYC at 3:30pm on Saturday the 25th and in Mahwah by 5! It was a long exhausting ride to say the least and it left me with mixed emotions about my decisions. What was I leaving behind in Cincinnati? A management job at a movie theater, nearly all of my family and many friends, various connections to the Cincinnati theatre world… these are some of the things I thought of while the bus drove away from the terminal.

Friday rolled around and I had packed most of my things but still had many items to go through. I went to the Danbarry to pick up my last pay check ever [insert shiver here], did some last minute Target shopping, and sat in Panera for a good hour or so procrastinating. When I got back home my dad was in the kitchen doing what seemed to be dishes but as I came closer I saw that he was washing a puppy! A tiny white Shih-Tzu that he “rescued” from a home with too many animals. The lil’ pup’s name was Miami and my dad took that as a sign to buy him for me. Problem is, I can’t have a dog when I don’t even know what I’m doing with myself! Plus, I wanted a Yorkie! Dad didn’t think about this one, did he? Anyway, I fell in love with Miami but still could never bring him with me! Don’t worry, Hallie says he’s already made himself at home and loves it! She has also re-named him Widget and my mom thinks he looks like a wookie.

So, there was a SURPRISE dog the day of my departure. On top of that, I found out my mom had to work late and GUESS WHAT?! She almost didn’t make it to the bus in time to see me off which would have been devastating. She got lost and my dad gave her awful directions so I had to hand the phone to a worker to get her there moments before the bus left. She was upset which made me all flustered and when I got on the bus there was nowhere to sit.

A man offered to let me sit with him and I did. The first bus was to Columbus so the ride was only a little over two hours, thank God. I didn’t let myself fall asleep because I didn’t want to miss the transfer. The guy next to me kept whispering to me and it was very awkward. I think he was trying to make me laugh but I couldn’t wait to get off that bus. Plus he told me his life story and turns out he was taking the bus from a vacation and he was going back to school. Why someone would take a Greyhound bus from Ft. Lauderdale FLORIDA to Michigan is BEYOND me but he was a total creep so I didn’t question it.
Very luckily, he wasn’t making the Columbus transfer with me. When I got off he asked for my name and I reluctantly gave it to him (whhattt is wrong with mee?) and I thiiiiiink his name was Dave? Anyways, he shook my hand and when I let go he rubbed it unnecessarily. So I flew out of there. Oy.

I waited in Columbus for an hour for the next bus to Philadelphia (departing at 1:30am). I was so confused because the bus was scheduled to go all the way to NY but I had a ticket to transfer in Philly. And of course my driver was a jerk and said “You’re transferring at Pittsburgh anyway so it doesn’t matter.”  Oh, thanks. What time will we be there? Oh, 5:00am? Awesome thanks for the help. But that conversation was worth it because when I got on the bus I had a seat to myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the WHOLE 4 hours! It was nice sleep until Pittsburgh. Transferring there was the worst because everyone cut in front of me and I was just like “oh, hey I’m half asleep, have fun on the bus.”
The next driver was much more helpful and told me not to worry and that he would be my driver all the way into NYC so I was very happy. Except for the fact that I got stuck next to a political old man. I slept until 8:30am when we had a rest stop and after that, there was no hope for sleep because the old man kept taaaaalking. About how there should be another nuclear war. Yeaaaah, that will solve all of our problems.
Long story short, I was with him until about 12:30pm just listening/ignoring. After that, I was free until NYC where we arrived just on time! It was great! Then I took the bus to NJ, had NO IDEA where to get off because the stops aren’t announced – it’s based on your own recognition of the area. But other people were getting off at my stop so I was able to pretend like I knew what I was doing.

My grandparents picked me up and took me to one of the best pizza places in the world: Kinchley’s! Since my Poppie is a retired officer here in Mahwah, he is treated like a king, so what should have been an hour wait turned into a 10min wait just because he is Jerry Boddy.

It didn’t take much to move in, I only had one large suitcase, a duffel bag, and a large purse. All of which I have yet to completely “unpack.”

Next came the job search process. I had wifi on the bus so when I wasn’t sleeping I was applying to nanny jobs in the city. I applied to probably 20 jobs of varying degrees. For children of all ages. All different locations. I got several responses and went to a couple of interviews before I took a temporary job with an Australian/Finnish family!!

I am now employed as a nanny for Emma (almost 4) and Max (3mos). Emma has a cute little Australian accent and enjoys performing, reading, writing, and playing in the park. Max is too young to really enjoy much but he likes eating, puking, and bouncing.
It’s funny because in Australia they have different words for objects such as “diapers” and “pacifiers.” They call them “nappies” and “dummies.”
I like to make Emma count because I love the way she says “seven” and “eleven.” Too cute!!

I’m only with this family from now until late November because they’ll be going back home, but I am really glad they picked me for the job!
It is 8am-1pm daily and half a day on Saturday so I have time to do other things. I’m looking for another part time job.

I’m still looking for a place to live and it is all up in the air all the time so I don’t know what to do with myself. Part of me thinks it’s worth it staying with my grandparents and paying $75 a week to commute, but the other part of me feels like a bum here as a college graduate and all.

In any case, New York has certainly been an adventure. I’m still trying to figure things out, and it has been fun for me so far.
I’m trying to stay positive in spite of the cloudy distractions living here brings me!

Current Problems:

  1. A budget. I have so much I need to buy and it is all so expensive. I also need to plan my monthly budget, especially factoring student loans in.
  2. Brain Organization. My foot is in too many ponds. I’m networking and using my connections but I have so many people helping me out, it’s hard to keep track of. I’m grateful and thankful for all the help but I can’t remember who to thank and who to say “no thank you” too!
  3. Roommate situation. This keeps changing by the minute and as soon as I make a decision something hinders it. So, who wants to live with me? Or should I be a gypsy and sublet for the rest of my life?
  4. Jobs. I have this great nanny job but it’s temporary. And part-time. I’m on the look out for an opportunity $$
  5. Friends. I have them here but I also want to make some new ones! Time to get social.

So, that’s my life! Hope you enjoy catching up 🙂

What I do with Emma and Max in Central Park