Bunbury Music Festival – Day 3

Woo-hoo! Day Three: Sunday-funday, the last day of Bunbury – The BEST day. The day I was able to enjoy as a regular patron.

As I was going to bed Sunday night I looked at twitter. To my shock and horror I saw a tweet by Bunbury Festival@bunburyfestival: @passionpit has cancelled their performance today due to band illness. Music continues with 32 live performances including @dcfc!

I was immediately devastated. Passion Pit was the deciding factor in me volunteering for Bunbury. They are one of my favorite bands and seeing them live is a heavenly out of body eargasm experience that every person should enjoy. I wanted to cry. In fact, I think I did shed a tear or two because Passion Pit NEVER comes to Ohio! I was so excited to see them!!!

I got over my sadness very quickly when I realized I all of the other amazing bands I had seen/were about to see. Plus, I’d seen Passion Pit live before and although it was a beautiful incidence, I could wait to see them another time. So I bucked up, went to bed, and got over it.

When I woke up the next morning I still had that cloud of not-seeing-Passion-Pit sadness over my head but it was nowhere near as bad as the night before. Getting to the festival and seeing the “Passion Pit Performance Cancelled 7:30 Bud Light Stage” at the front gate made it all too real for me. I sighed and released my sadness and continued to the festival… a part of me still wanted to go stand at the stage to see what would happen. I don’t know what happened either because instead of going to find out, I stayed at the Globili Stage to have amazing seats watching Death Cab For Cutie!

Despite my Passion Pit depression, I had an amazing day Sunday. I arrived late to see Maps and Atlases and it turned out they hadn’t started playing yet because of a weather delay. So I got to see their whole set. I enjoyed their album-quality alternative folk-y sound that is hard to find anywhere else. I can just picture (or rather, hear) their music being played in the background of an adventure indie film!

After Maps and Atlases I ventured to the OPPOSITE side of the festival to see The Pomegranates. They were some interesting characters – all local from Cincinnati, dressed in all white… I didn’t stay for long, just enough to know that they were very energetic for their age and had a rock/pop feel to them.
After that I headed to another Cincinnati Native band called the Seedy Seeds. They put on a pretty good show as well – the female lead singer was adorable in a sweat shirt on a 90degree day just so she could out-sweat her guitarist. He had already won though when she announced why because he had already sweated through two shirts that day and she was only baking in her sweater.

The “Bee Free” Bunbury Bee that someone drew on the cement along the river. I had to take a picture!

After some shenanigans with the people I was with, we went back to the other side of the festival to see what was going on there. We were drinking, eating and having a good time sitting on the steps along the river as City and Colour played in the distance. I think that is what the Bunbury Festival was all about. It’s as much about relaxing, enjoying yourself, and making the best of life as much as it is about the music. That’s why I enjoy their motto: “Bee Free!”

Eventually we decided to head over to the stage for then end of the set. Catching the end of City and Colour’s set got us a good spot for Neon Trees.

Boy were they a surprise! Having only found out about them last summer, I only know their two most popular songs, “Animal” and “Everybody Talks.” I had no idea what the lead singer, Tyler Glenn, looked like, let alone that he had such a rambunctious, flamboyant personality. He was like a bouncy ball flinging himself from one side of the stage to the other, rolling around, jumping up and down. There was never a dull moment watching them. At one point, the lead singer even jumped out into the audience and ran down the center “press aisle,” causing several tech people to run after him to make sure he didn’t stretch the mic cord. I attempted to get a pic but he was too quick. If I had to liken him to an animal, it would be a bunny on speed.


Tyler Glenn to the far left. I almost got him!


Tyler Glenn also had some very fascinating stories for the audience. In one story he told us about how he is a vegan but he doesn’t understand people who advertise their vegan-ism or try to convert  others to stop eating meat. He claimed to have met a girl in Covington who was wearing a shirt that said “I don’t eat chicken” and he asked her why she was so obnoxious. She responded by kissing him and spitting a piece of chicken in his mouth. Then he fell in love. And wrote a song about it. Strange, eh?

He is also anti-fame, his band sporting the quote “Fame is Dead” on their drumset. I looked up “Fame is Dead – Neon Trees” and found out that Neon Trees is glad that their music is reaching a wider audience, but still believes that being famous is poisonous. See Tyler’s Mercury Record “Fame is Dead” Blog/Lyric post here. He also, to my surprise, said that the Bunbury Music Festival was one of the best Music Festivals that Neon Trees has ever participated in. So congratulations Cincinnati, you’ve thrown an amazing inaugural music festival. Tyler Glenn said so himself!

Another fun fact about the Neon Trees performance is that they usually have a female drummer but we saw a male on drums. According to Tyler, their usual pots and pans banger was back at home about to have a baby. So congratulations, Elaine Bradley, on your newborn baby boy! He was born not much later on July 30, 2012!

Death Cab For Cutie

Now on to Death Cab For Cutie! Since Passion Pit had cancelled, we decided to stay at the Globili stage to have a good spot to see Death Cab. Their performance was phenomenal. It was funny, I had seen them at a concert in October and they played many of their more popular “mainstream” songs. Here at Bunbury, they played more of their older and less well-known stuff. Totally different set than the one I saw in October which was awesome. However, the lead singer did do one thing twice in the encore: Ben Gibbard, the lead singer does a stunt where they pull out drums for him and he jams for a solid… oh… at least five minutes, possibly longer just rocking on the drums. It brings down the house every time so I wasn’t surprised to see it again. Clearly a crowd favorite!
In addition to all of that going on, the Reds were winning against the Cardinals that night and fireworks kept going off at the Great American Ball Park directly behind the crowd. Ben made some jokes about how Cincinnati didn’t need to put off fireworks just for him: “Oh, you shouldn’t have, we really appreciate it!” Then ended with a big “congratulations” to please the Red’s fans in the crowd.



But Fireworks were a great way to end the festival. My feet may have been killing me, my ears may have been ringing louder than ever, my heart may have been filled with too much excitement, but the Inaugural 2012 Bunbury Music Festival made me proud of my city, surpassed all of my expectations, and I know that it will do nothing but grow from this point forward.

I’m glad I could help out!
❤ Heather