Bunbury Music Festival – Day 2

Time to update you on the rest of my days at Bunbury. It has been almost a month since the experience but I definitely want to update you on working the Inaugural Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati July 13-15, 2012!
Saturday was a really fun day for me because I was working at a much better station! I arrived on Saturday around 1:00pm for my 2:00 shift. I ended up being escorted to my station early so I got to hang out with the previous shift workers for about a half hour. Two guys and a girl around my age- they were really nice and pretty cool. The guys were off at 2 so I was essentially their replacement but they chose to finish the shift. Neither one hesitated to grill me about my music taste and get to know me as well as they could before they went on to enjoy the festival. They were both music lovers and couldn’t wait for that night’s headliner – Weezer. When the time came I was sad to see them go, they helped time pass and kept me and the other girl extremely entertained.
Luckily I was allowed to stay at the wrist band station for all 4 hours which means I simply put wrist bands on people as they came in based on what type of ticket they had. There were Three day pass over 21, Three day pass under, One day over, and One day under. I was surprised to see how many people came in for the first time on Saturday with a Three day pass ticket. I guess they still got their money’s worth but if I were them I would have at least Stopped in on Friday.
I was working the main gate right in front of the main Bud Light Stage. Because of my location I got to hear some really awesome music while I was working – ALWAYS my favorite part of volunteering!
Bands I heard while working:
1,2,3; Messerly & Ewing; Imagine Dragons; and Dan Deacon.

The day went by quickly, which was nice. In the last 20 minutes of my shift I found out a way to snap the wrist bands so that small wrists didn’t have extra band hanging off. I wish I would have heard of this sooner but if that’s my only real complaint, I can’t even be mad now, can I?
Sadly our lead volunteers were freaking out because a lot of volunteers had backed out Saturday and we had no replacements but the people I was working with were all glad to stay, including me!

I met Hallie after my shift was over and we got some foods from the Claddagh Cafe – I got a Jameson Burger and fries. Mmm it was good but it was waaaay too small. I ate it in like one bite! It was also cheap though, so I couldn’t complain really.
Then Hallie and I trotted over to the Globili stage to see the Gaslight Anthem. They put on a really good show – the lead singer reminded me of someone who I still can’t link him to (and that bothers me) so I was watching them extra close. By this time my feet were already killing me so I skipped going to see Grouplove so that Hallie and I would have a nice spot for Weezer. It was a difficult decision because I LOVE Grouplove’s song Tongue Tied but it was worth it to have such a great spot to watch Weezer from.

W.o.w. Weezer was amazing. It was crazy to hear their ablum-like sound linked to Rivers Cuomo making improvised jokes and thanking Cincinnati for having them. What little perfect nerds they all are. And they played all of my favorite songs: Buddy Holly, Undone (The Sweater Song), Island in the Sun, Pork and Beans, and (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To! Of course many more but those were the ones I was really looking forward to!

All in all Saturday was a great way to end my time volunteering. This lead me to an awesome full last day at the festival to enjoy (See Bunbury Festival – Day 3).

How did I get involved as a volunteer?
I wanted to go to the festival but since I am saving money to move to New York, buying a ticket wasn’t an option so I looked into alternative ways. Luckily, http://bunburyfestival.com was easy to navigate and took me right to a volunteer form that I filled in immediately. I explained that I have a passion for music as well as volunteering and that I never hesitate to combine the two, nor do I let one get in the way of the other. A few weeks later I got an email saying I was accepted and that I should expect to be contacted soon about what I needed to do as a volunteer. It was simple and totally worth it.

What I loved about my Bunbury Volunteer Experience:
The music. I wouldn’t have even volunteered if the line up wasn’t so spectacular. I was talking with another volunteer about the line up and it was the perfect combination of music. He described it as Rock-N-Roll and I described it as more Electro-Alternative. We also discovered together that a possible intention of the line up was that the nights were generational. Friday night, with Jane’s Addiction headlining, was more for an older generation. Saturday, with Weezer headlining, was between older and younger generations because they cater to all generations. And Saturday with Death Cab for Cutie headlining, it is more focused on the younger generation. We came to this assumption because he was about 20 years older than me and had never heard of Death Cab, loved Weezer, and worshiped Jane’s Addiction. As where I worship Death Cab, love Weezer, and don’t listen to Jane’s Addiction. Quite the opposite and quite clever on Bunbury’s part.
The benefits of volunteering were also extremely worthwhile. That is, in fact, the whole reason I volunteered. Of course you had to work two 4 hour shifts to receive these benefits but like I said before, TOTALLY worth it. Volunteers were not only granted full festival access on days they volunteered but also the day they weren’t scheduled. On the days they did work, volunteers received a $5 food voucher available for use at any vendor in the festival. And as an added bonus we got to keep our adorable Bunbury Music Festival Volunteer “Worker Bee” Tees.
The Bunbury festival also really treated their volunteers like adults. I mean we were all adults but I have volunteered before and been treated like I had no idea what I was doing with the simplest of tasks. It was very nice to be trusted the way that Bunbury trusted their volunteers. Of course, that trust backfired on them when people didn’t show up for their shifts, but as far as I know that is the worst thing that happened. So thank you Bunbury volunteer coordinators, for making me feel needed, wanted, and trusted!
Honestly, I am extremely proud of Cincinnati for creating such a successful Music Festival. Even the lead singer of Neon Trees, Tyler Glenn, thinks it was the best Music Festival he had ever been a part of!

My suggestions for Improving the Volunteer Experience:
There were some problems on Sunday with weather effecting schedules on the stages. I know that they were just being cautious so I think there should be a formal procedure when it comes to bad weather.  If there was one, I never heard/saw it so I was left in the dark wondering why a band I wanted to see wasn’t playing.
Another issue I had was with Volunteer Parking. Obviously Bunbury offered parking to staff and vendors and parking was limited so I understand why we were left to fend for ourselves, but it would have been nice to have a place reserved since parking downtown can be costly. But the cost isn’t even what I have to complain about… my complaint stems from the fact that my feet are basically dead by the end of a Bunbury day. So walking across the Purple People Bridge to Newport every day took a toll on my leggies. So there you have it – Volunteer Parking – Something to think about.
I also feel that Bunbry could have done more advertising and connections to local organizations. Once again, I wasn’t directly involved in either of these things so I can’t speak for exactly what they did, but a lot of people I talked to about it hadn’t even heard of it.

But like I said before, it was an amazing experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. Music makes everything better. Enjoy my terrible gallery (I am clearly no photographer) and, in the words of Bunbury Music Fest’s Motto, “Bee Free!”