Bunbury Music Festival: Day 1

My first day volunteering for the Bunbury Music Festival was both exhausting and rewarding.

I arrived at 11am for a 4 hour shift that started at noon. I was assigned to the Clean Team where I took around a garbage bag and picked up trash on the grounds of the Festival. There were four of us assigned to the task and we had an extremely lucky shift! Since it was the first four hours of the first day of the festival, there was very little garbage to pick up. The shift was long, hot and tiring and since there wasn’t much work to do it went by very slowly. Luckily, everyone I worked with was extremely nice which helped time pass. Whenever we ran into each other on our rounds, we would chit chat for a good ten minutes and then move on to looking for waste. It was a lovely way to get to know the people I was working with. Later that evening, I observed the clean team had nice messes to take care of so they probably bonded that way!

Staying hydrated was key yesterday! I got very tired after my shift and I am pretty sure it was because of the sun. But with a little help from a nap and some water, I was back on my feet ready to watch/hear some great music!

During my shift I wandered around and saw some great bands such as Pet Clinic, Emily & the Complexes, Bo and the Locomotive, and Tristen. Then once I was done, I had some DELICIOUS Florida Noodles and watched LP (who I recognized but had no idea how… turns out their song “Into the Wild” is in a commercial). Then I saw the bands I was really anxious to see: Ra Ra Riot, Chappo (who I just saw a month ago with Of Montreal and they are pretty cool), Foxy Shazam, and the Airborne Toxic Event!

The shows were amazing and Foxy and Airborne put on AMAZING shows. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to update you on who I see today!

❤ Heather!

P.S. Here are some songs from the bands I saw!

Enjoy! I will do  PIC POST Later when all is said and done!