Marketing Yourself


Connections, connections, connections. That is really all you need to go places in this world, no matter what field you choose as a career path. I am really glad I chose to have a minor business background in college because in acting, you’ve really got to market yourself. Yes, this is probably something you knew already and it is something I have been told for years but now that I am out in “the real world” with no school or coach to push me in any given direction, I’ve just had to leap in the deep end and pull from whatever connections I can find.

I just got a linkedin account so that I can expand my connections. My only worry is maintaining my page (or others maintaining their own pages). With all the forms of social media out there it can be easy to get distracted and never check up on it. But, I will certainly try and only hope that good things come from it.

I also created a page. This is a great free website that connects others to all forms of social media you use. I think it is a great marketing tool for people to get their story out there. And it is the perfect free website for an actor. So, hopefully with these new upgrades in my social media life, I can push forward and climb up the professional ladder. If not, it was fun making the sites!

With that being said, contrary to my last post almost a year ago, I have decided where I am going to live. I am moving to New York at the end of August. I am excited and nervous and ready to try out whatever opportunities lie ahead. And, if you have any connections out there, send them MY way! 😉

Thanks, and stay GREAT ❤ Heather