Moving Up in the World

I’ve been thinking a lot about growing up. I feel like my mind can’t even comprehend what that means right now. My church held a “strength finding seminar” and I found out that my strengths are: Positivity, Maximizing, Strategizing, Adaptability, and Empathy. I realized that I do maximize these strengths – for the most part – when I am working on forwarding my career.

From Managing to my internship, from auditions to my senior year of college, it still hasn’t hit me how fast my career is maturing!
And I am freaking about it every second. I have recently come to the realization that I need to figure out what I want to do after college NOW so that I have a plan when I graduate. But my question is: WHERE DO I WANT TO LIVE?!
Should I stay in Cincinnati where I have a management job at the movie theater as well as something promising with the Cincinnati Shakespeare company?
Or do I move to New York and try to get acting work while babysitting and waiting tables?
Or do I move to Chicago and try out the whole Improv thing?
Or LA where I would starve the worst until a big break (if that could even happen)?

These are the questions that race through my head every second. But I am trying to focus on the here and now. Do my best as a manager at the Danbarry, make connections with Cincy Shakes, and work my butt off for auditions and my senior year in college!

What will I do after I graduate? Time will only tell. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m freaking out about it. I think I am more excited than nervous to be a “grown up,” really the only thing that worries me is money. But at least I know my strengths and I will use them to sort out this mini meltdown.