The Perfect Miami Student

Hello All!

Guess where I am? I am currently sitting on set for a commercial that is being filmed to promote Miami University! I got the email a couple of weeks ago asking me to participate and I immediately said yes!

We just shot a piece of the classroom scene. I was in it for the rehearsals but they took me out when the cameras started rolling. I guess I’m just too pretty…

As an extra, we do a lot of waiting so I thought, “What would be a better way to waste my time than writing a blog entry! I am currently sitting in a classroom with 19 other extras and a man named David Getz who is teaching us some tricks of the trade.
Trick number one: Never believe the media. 90% of the time the stories they choose are out of context. (Seems like a big “DUHH” but it was still nice to know.)
Trick number two: some agencies PAY actors to sit as audience members in game shows. It’s a nice way to make some fast cash.
Trick number three: maybe we shouldn’t become actors because he tried and now he lives with his Mom in Dayton and awaits phone calls from the many applications he sends out daily. Which is why he is now babysitting extras for a Miami Commercials.

Anyways, apparently this is a big deal. The director is from LA and I guess the whole crew is. I had to sign all this paperwork – my image release – and now I’ve been waiting here.

My A.D.D. is kicking in and I can’t focus on anything as I wait. Do I type a blog entry? Watch Youtube videos? Read My Booky Wook? Take Notes on Rocky Horror? Match Bigs with Littles? I have done about 5 minutes of each in the 5 hours that I’ve been here.

Well, I think they need us to shoot soon so I’m gonna peace!
Have fun Being Great!