I just realized that I never made an entry about Camp week Three! The LAST week of camp!

Well, this was an obnoxious week to say the least. All the campers were in high school so we didn’t have counselors telling them what to do, but we should have. The students were great, but focus and guidance is something they really could have worked on. Once they had their minds set on the right tasks, however, they did a 360 and truly harnessed their creative energy.

What were my tasks this week, you might ask? Well, unique to all the other weeks I had A LOT to do.
On Monday I came early to set up and make sure all the campers got shirts and scripts and nametags, etc. Then a couple of parent’s called their campers in sick. I was then asked to sit in and do a read through for one of the scenes missing a camper. It was really fun and I learned a lot. There were some lines in the text that I thought I knew but it turns out I had no idea what the context was. So, that was fun while it lasted.
On Tuesday, both of the sick campers showed up so I was no longer needed in rehearsals. I walked around to all of the rehearsal spaces and got a glimpse at each scene, made sure the instructors were good to go, and participated if need be.
Tuesday night I got a phone call telling me that one of the campers dropped out and I was asked to take her place. I was so excited when I was asked because I had so much fun doing it on Monday. It was a different scene than the one I read for before. This was a scene from As You Like It – which we coincidentally are performing at MIAMI next semester. I was asked to play the part of Corin, a simple shepherd. I looked at the script and immediately had mixed feelings of excitement and worry. I had to have these lines MEMORIZED by Thursday?! HOW?
Wednesday, I got my blocking and worked on the lines. The director, Jolin, was really happy to have me on board and made me feel extremely special. She even complimented my acting skills, which to this day brings me a smile. She said, “It is day one of your rehearsal and you have already brought more to this character than I imagined. Keep it up!” Woo-Hoo! Go me!
Anyway, Thursday I pretty much had the lines down and the scene was going in a great direction. The students I was working with were really enthusiastic. Two of the girls, Julia and Megan, are definitely going places. Megan knew her lines so well that she could speed through them in an Italian run (a fast run through of the lines). The two young men I was working with also grew a lot in the three days I was with them. They went from mumbling and not really knowing what they were saying to proudly displaying unique characters.

Friday we ran through all of the scenes and I got to see the work of the other instructors. The scenes were incredible. There was one directed by Jeremy Dubin that just blew my mind. The comedic timing of the girls in his scene was spot on and it really made me want to see the rest of the play (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead).
The scene I had read for on Monday had also come such a long way and took a hilarious turn!
I was so impressed by them all and it made me feel great to be performing with such great students. I bet that if you asked an audience to guess which cast member was about to be a senior acting major in college, I wouldn’t have been the first they pointed out.

Anyways, I was also proud of myself for getting those lines memorized, stepping up to the plate, and creating a character that the audience seemed to enjoy. They laughed at my lines!!!

Oh and also that Friday night, I was in charge of the reception because my adviser Jeanna couldn’t be there. So I ran around in my Shepherd costume serving pizza and greeting parents. < That’s multi-tasking right there.

Phew. Now Camp is over and I can work on my study Guides. I finished the Macbeth guide by the way and apparently it looks great! Yay!
Have a Grrrrrrrrreat Day!