Random Acts of Shakespeare

Well, Camp is over but I have so much to write about!

This post will be about Camp in week two which had “tweens” ages 12-15.  Camp week two was a complete different universe than week one.

Richard as Macbeth and Sarah Erikson as Lady Macbeth

Obviously this week the kids were older and had more experience, focus and willingness to explore. On the contrary, some were in that stage of self-consciousness where it is hard to go outside the box because you are worried of what others will think. In any case, most campers were extremely mature and executed their characters with passion.

Throughout the week, I got to know these kids so well. Each group had such a distinct vibe and their scenes reflected their personality perfectly. It is hard to explain because you would really have to know Julianne and Jamie to understand why its funny that their group chose to set their scene in a medieval “Princess Bride” setting with wizards, pirates, capes, and fat people as big as the Earth.

The night of the performance, I was awestruck! These kids are so talented, it’s unbelievable! I’m not going to do a review of the performance or anything but I will say that the show had a great quality of professionalism that exceeded my expectations.

The young actors playing Hamlet and Macbeth (Henry McKenzie and Richard Lowenburg) had talent beyond their years. They are also getting training at my Alma Mater, SCPA, so the work they do is no joke. These title characters are difficult roles to portray but they were executed brilliantly.

Henry as Hamlet and Brianna Kennedy as Polonius

There were also a couple of hilarious scenes. Taming of the shrew – a story everyone knows – really came to life in a contemporary corporate world with lots of starbucks, a camp counselor playing a horse (AJ Schwartz), and a crazily costumed Petruccio (Noah Brackenbury).

Noah as Petruccio, AJ as the Horse, and Kate

A Comedy of Errors was also broght to life by some especially comedic girls I mentioned before (Jamie Kuhn and Julianne Fox).  Not being familiar with the play, it was kindof confusing watching the scene play out and I am sure the audience had NO idea what was going on, but the kids in this scene did an amazing job unfolding the story – with great comedic timing! Confused audience members sat puzzled, giggling at the misfortunes in front of them. It was something to see.

Julianne as Dromeo and Jarod as Antipholus

I am proud of yet another week of camp. I will post about week three soon!
Until then, work on your GREATNESS!