Didn’t make it back to Wrigley…

Well, Looks like I am stuck in the OTR settlement for the rest of the summer!
For those of you who didn’t see the show… that’s a joke from it so laugh. Haha.
If you didn’t see the show, that basically means I am still in Cincinnati…

Anyways, it’s always sad to say goodbye to a show when you’ve been working hard! It’s always a blast working with peers because – at least for me – you already have a sense of trust and connection with these working actors. It’s also a huge plus to say that I have successfully completed my SECOND show with the Fringe Festival! Woot woot! Doing OTR 2081 was so much fun and the last night we went out with a BANG!

We had a sold-out “last show” crowd of people who really got into the performance. The audience was cracking up and clapping and making “ooh” “aaahhh” noises in places we had never heard them before! We even got all of the lines in for pretty much the first time ever. I’m really glad this last show ended on such a high note.

I loved the fringe this year in general. I liked all the shows I saw for the most part. I do have to say that my favorite was 101 Rules for Dating. It was two women talking about their love lives and improving audience love-stories. The show was hilarious – these chicks have great comedic timing. They even recorded interviews with random people in Central Park and showed how these strangers viewed love! It was awesome and pretty much inspired me to do something for fringe in the future. That would be pretty cool.

A reflection on my experience this year is this: Anybody who wants to be an artist can be. As long as you put yourself out there. It doesn’t matter if you are a homeless man on the street drawing on cardboard with chalk (sold for $1 outside the Motr Pub) or a working professional auditioning for work. Make yourself known, make yourself available, and if you can’t find work: Make it.

^^ That’s not all me by the way, those words are inspired by many artists I’ve met in the past

The Fringe was Awesome.
Thou Art Great!