Week One of camp ends today and I’m still here!

I don’t even know where to begin. Camp is usually tons of fun but really exhausting. The past two years I have worked with Cincy Shakes as a camp counselor and it has been a lot of fun; Add being camp intern to the mix and you’ve got a whole different story!
I’m not saying that it isn’t fun – I am actually having a great time – but I am sensing the imbalance in my need to be an adult with my want to be a child. I have so many more responsibilities this year: I help teach a workshop, I serve as an assistant to the camp coordinator, and I float around from group to group making sure both the kids and the instructors are where they need to be…
My roles this year are very different from before when I could just play around, help block scenes, and yell at the bad kids.
This really proves my transition into adulthood; what a perfect metaphor. Right now I keep replaying past camp experiences and I say to myself, “Wow, I’ve grown so much since then.”

I’m going to keep doing this whole “things I’ve learned about myself” section. So, here goes:
First, I’ve learned that when I am in the “out group” in any given situation, I find it very hard to connect with people. By that I mean that when there are a bunch of people who have known each other for a very long time, or have been working together for a while, and I enter the equation, it is very hard for me to socialize with them because I have no idea what to talk about. There goes my head thinking too much again.
Second, I really enjoy working with kids. Not that I didn’t know that already but each year I exercise great patience and understanding even with kids who are really hard to deal with.
Third, really long days make Heather very cranky. Phew, after a long day please do not get me started… I have snapped at several people already and it is only week ONE.
Fourth, coffee makes me sleepier. Or at least I think it does. Maybe it just does nothing… except make my tummy hurt. Anyways, coffee is bad for Heather.
Fifth, I really can do anything and I am really good at convincing myself that I like someone even when I really don’t just because I know I will have to work with them. Yeah, its pretty cool – Go Me!

Anyways this was just week one and I am already too tired to function properly. Next week we get slightly older kids so that will be pretty fun, I hope.

Oh, and a fun bit of good news: My intern advisor Jeanna keeps telling me she wants to work with me next year! So, this is fabulous news even though this isn’t my focused profession. Looks like a nice back-up-plan though! I’m excited.

Stay Great, my friends.
Thanks for Reading.