The Radiation Horns are Sounding?

Well… our Fringe rehearsal was especially interesting today. As you may know, our show is about a post-apocalyptic world where the dangers of going outside become greater every day. As we rehearse in a room with one wall entirely filled with windows, we notice that the sky is darkening but think nothing of it. However, we get to the part of our show where the generator is down and we turn off the lights. Everything is black when suddenly A WINDOW SLAMS and scares the bejeziz out of Alex Sedlak (the actress playing Sue). We drop what we are doing and the actors who have smart phones pull them out to see what’s going on outside.
“Looks like there’s a tornado warning” – Kristin was the first to find the news…
*Slight Panic*
“But don’t worry there are sirens across the street, we would be able to hear if they were goin — ”
“Well, the hallway looks safe let’s take rehearsal out there.”

So we all go into the hallway. It does look safe. But before we even had time to say “ALAKAZAM” a man comes running through the halls screaming in terror – well he was running but he was more like informing patrons that there was a tornado spotted nearby and we should all get to the bottom floor.

What an adventure. There was another rehearsal going on in the next room and those kids journeyed down the stairs with us. They might have thought it was funny that as we ran lines on the way down we were talking about the “radiation horns were sounding” and that how “we’ve got a flashlight” or even about how “we will let you know when it is safe to go outside.” Oh, the irony.

It was a fun rehearsal. We spent about 10-15 minutes downstairs before deciding to make the venture back to the studio. We finished practice there – with minor distractions based on the visual we had of the outside.

At least we know how to improvise! I haven’t seen a sky that black pouring out buckets of rain in a long time!

As always, Stay Great and make sure you come see me and my friends in the show! (OTR 2081)