OTR 2081

[To read up about the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, DIY Productions, or the OTR 2081 performance click HERE]

A young actor must network. Getting started in the biz really is all about who you know and the impressions you leave with them. Two summers ago I was lucky enough to make my Fringe Festival debut with DIY (Do it yourself) Productions. Managed by Kristin Dietsche (my good friend Martha’s mother), the shows produced are more “audience participation” rather than a “sit-back relax and enjoy the show.” DIY loves to get the audience out of their comfort zone and hit them head on with some sort of task, puzzle, or concept to complete. This year DIY productions is doing it again with a very fun play (written by Ms. Dietsche herself) about what the world will be like in 2081. The play is in no way the cliché version of “futuristic;” We take you to a post-apocalyptic setting where there is little to no technology and the known world population is less than 28,000.

My character in this adventure is Leah, a tour guide who is helping explain to the audience what it would be like to live in the year 2011. I had my first rehearsal today and I can tell that it is going to be such a fun show. The script is fun and the actors have the liberty to play with the script and ad lib if we feel so inclined. It starts off as pretty formal – almost like a presentation – but as certain events hinder our performance, the more casual and fun the show becomes… it can even be a bit spooky!

At rehearsal today we read some new re-writes of the beginning and then immediately got on our feet. We improvised the first couple of beats and then came up with a steady rhythm and flow of how to do things. I think the thing I love most about doing this show is that I am working with a bunch of people who I know! The playwright, as you know, is Martha’s mother Kristin. The director is a teacher from my alma mater SCPA (Regina Pugh). The actors are all people I went to school with (both from college and high school – although they don’t all know each other, which might sound confusing) so it’s like playing around with a bunch of friends!

Oh, and there is a fun little surprise at the end of the show and… well, that is the most nerve wrecking part about the whole thing for me. But you’ll have to come to find out what it is!

I cannot express how excited I am for this Fringe Festival show! I loooove working with Regina, mostly because I never got to at SCPA (that I can remember). I also just love these Do It Yourself productions that are so creative that the audience won’t know what hit them.

Anyways, that was first rehearsal.
We’ll see how the rest go!


Oh, and P.S. Parking downtown sucks.