William Shakespeare

One of the most inspiring men in history: born 1564, died 1616. We all know who he is and his prominent works.
I love Shakespeare but I didn’t when I first started reading his works…

I have taken many classes about this man and I learn something new every time. That’s why I love his work so much. You can study one of his plays for years and continue to make new discoveries. For example, I have read Romeo and Juliet almost every year since the 8th grade. At an elementary level, I hated the play because I couldn’t understand the language. In the ninth grade I read it again with my English class and learned about the Romance and Tragedy surrounded by their love. In my sophomore year we read it again in a Drama class and we learned all about Iambic Pentameter and Romantic/Heightened language. My senior year I did a monologue by the Nurse so I read the play again. I discovered a lot about the motherly protection the nurse had over Juliet. The next year, in my freshman English class in college, I learned about sacrifice and parallels between the film version and the written. Then finally, this year in an upper level Shakespeare class my Junior year of college, I learned about the parallels between the “marriage bed” and the “death bed” at the end of the play.
Somehow, I know that I have so much more to learn! That is why I am making my focus as a Theatre major SHAKESPEARE!

R&J obviously isn’t the only play of his I have learned from. I am in awe at how relevant and flexible his works are: able to be set in any time period and still convey a deep message. I just love it!
I hope my internship at Cincinnati Shakespeare continues to deepen my love for him!
Oh, and I got to make a check off of my Bucket List because I’ve been to The Globe Theatre in London!